How much wallpaper do I order?

How to measure your wall

Our Wallpaper
Our wallpaper comes in 25" wide panels.
Your panels will be numbered and match up next to each other across your wall.

We offer different heights from 48" high - 120" high, offered in 1 foot increments.

  1. Measure the width of your wall in inches.
  2. Divide your width by 25 (the width of one panel)
  3. Round that number up to the next WHOLE number
    For example 120" w (wall) / 25" (panel) =  4.8 
    You will need to order 5 panels
  4. Measure the height of your wall in inches and select your size from the drop down menu.
    For example if you have a 7.5 foot ceiling you would order the 8 foot height size.



If you have a slanted wall follow the above directions, taking the highest point of you wall as your height measurement. This would be the height of panels you will order.

When measuring a wall with obstacles such as doors, windows or closets imagine they are not there and simply measure the full width and height of the wall. You will trim around the door or window when installing. This ensures the panels will match together perfectly across the wall.
Again, measure the total width, calculate how many panels you would need, pick the height and add to cart.
  • When measuring always add on an extra few inches on the top and bottom, as well as the sides in order for you to trim back to ensure a perfect fit. This "bleed" will account for walls and ceilings that are not perfectly straight.